Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Astoria" knock off

First of all...

Major update of the moment:  Ricky and I got engaged last weekend!!! We were at a party full of friends before the World Naked Bike Ride and he completely surprised me. I actually took all the photos for today's blog entry on the day that he proposed-- before he proposed. I had no idea what that day had in store for us... The last week and a half have been a very surreal blur of celebrating and being with friends and family!!! And also... sweaty, gross, heatwave.

Portland had a serious heatwave for the last two weeks. Pretty much every day was over 90* if not 100* and that's outside temperatures... My little sewing room gets the worst of it because it has big windows facing the West and we live on the second story of our buiding and HO. LY. CRAP. it is so goddamn hot in this room. I can't stay in our house most of the time, let alone try to sew in this room. I have been out of the house most of the time trying to stay cool.

And I really miss sewing. :(  But between the engagement, July 4th, out of town visitors, and the general weirdness of the heat wave, I've almost been to busy to care... ALMOST. The heat wave has made me feel like I'm on vacation, except none of us are actually on vacation... but it's too hot to stay in our house, so I've been out CONSTANTLY.

I sewed something awhile ago! Time to blog!

For awhile I've been contemplating the Colette Seamwork Astoria pattern. At first, I found it underwhelming. Then, I started thinking it might be the perfect layering piece for a tall lady with me. Embrace the cropped sweater length, wear it with a high waisted skirt, etc...

I thought, hey! I could use some of those! But isn't it more or less a cropped long sleeve t-shirt pattern, just sewn up with a sweater knit?


So I just sewed up the long sleeve version of the Kitschy Coo Lady Skater and cut it off at the waist. I added a thick waist band and thick wrist cuffs.

I used this awesomely thick jersey type knit from Mood Fabrics. It was on sale for $6 a yard or something like that and I had this sweater in mind when I ordered it. It's thick! 

So.... after I cut it I was SUPER SAD when I realized that I cut the normal Lady Skater neckline for this sweater. I meant to do a high neck like the Astoria! WTF, how did I space on that?!?!

The reason I care is that this scoop neck will make it awkward to layer with. Most of my t-shirts (especially ones I made myself) have a similar neckline to this sweater, so they're just going to peak out irregularly from underneath this neckline. 

On the bright side, I think that I can just wear it with a camisole underneath and hopefully that will be warm enough. I have a really hard time planning outfits for weather that is different from what I'm currently experiencing (like packing for a trip in a warmer climate than Portland during the cold months) so maybe it will all work great!


It's also a little longer than the Astoria, methinks. Oh well! That makes it more versatile for wearing it with pants.

Time shall tell! 

I seriously can't wait to start sewing again. When this heat calms down.

What a crazy couple of weeks, you guys. 


  1. Congratulations on your engagement!!! Have you sewn anything for Ricky yet? I'm hoping since he's been fired that you will make him wear something and post a picture. You're making so many cute things. I'm inspired by your use of "non-traditional" fabrics (like cast-off sheets and GW blouses). Love the dresses most! Glad to see you are having a fun and sew-productive summer! Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa! Shamefully, I have not sewn anything for Ricky. I want to make him a nice shirt (he loves button downs) but I haven't quite built my confidence for a button down yet. He should definitely make his modeling debut soon, that would be great. (He's not really fired-- I'll take all the help I can get.) I like the dresses (like the leopard one) the best, too! I think I prefer sewing with knit fabrics. Those projects come together so quickly once you conquer the fear of stretchy fabric. Have a wonderful summer and trip to Alaska!