Saturday, June 27, 2015

Leopard Lady Skater

My second Lady Skater dress! And this one is made out of a print I would never expect that I would like...


I was already on the hunt for animal print because Amber had asked me to make Lucca a special animal print outfit for her first trip to the San Diego Zoo. I found a HUGE sheet (queen size?) in my very own front lawn after my neighbors had a short-lived garage sale that ended in a massive free pile. It's one of those jersey sheets, so it was perfect!


1. I made the scoop neck bigger. I modeled it after a favorite H&M jersey dress. I think that H&M neckline is the most flattering for me. This one came out similar!  

2. This time I made the sleeves elbow length, just guestimating my own pattern. 

The sleeves hit just above the elbow. I am so happy with them! The pattern comes with cap sleeve and 3/4 sleeve options. I was not interested in the 3/4 cause I thought that my elbows would stretch out the cuffs over time. The cap sleeves are cute for certain materials, but they have a very sport look about them. I think this elbow length is the perfect in between. It's lady like and practical.

This was my second Lady Skater. I never wear the first one. I thought I would wear a simple gray jersey dress ALL the time but the material I used it too thick for the short sleeved summer dress that I made. And the color is preeeetty dark, it's kind of funereal. 

This was my second attempt, using free materials, so I could test all the pattern adjustments that I had in mind. I have a VERY full shopping cart on one of my online fabric stores... Haven't ordered yet, but I wanted to make sure I could jump right into some Lady Skaters once that fabric is ordered and arrives.

I dig it! Leopard print is surprisingly neutral.