Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wiksten tank

First of all....

I'm on SUMMER VACATION! I just finished year 2 of my 3 year nursing school program. And I am ready to forget about that noise for a few sunny months.

Second of all....

I made the Wiksten Tank

I wasn't planning on buying a new tank top pattern any time soon. I have the free Colette Sorbetto in my arsenal and... well, it was free. So why bother?

But I really liked the look of the Wiksten tanks that I saw on instagram and around the web. And the PDF wasn't insanely expensive so one night I just... Whoops! Bought that shit.

The Wiksten tank is longer and has a nice curved hemline (unlike the Sorbetto's, which is totally straight as well as short, so very boxy). The shape of the Wiksten almost looks reminiscent of a racerback shape, so it has kind of a casual sporty feel. 

The Sorbetto is a little old school looking, a little more formal with a classic shape and higher neckline, and that fancy pleat down the center (which I have left off or kept, depending).

Here are visuals:

Wiksten Tank

Colette Sorbetto

I very much like them both, but for slightly different applications! 


I  made this "wearable muslin" version first... and I wish I had a before picture of this "fabric." It was actually a VERY large, VERY boxy polyester (blend? I hope a blend) blouse that I found at the Goodwill Bins ages ago with Sarah Marshall, my bff.

I loved the print and knew it would be enough for SOMETHING. And it was!

It was enough for a slightly shortened Wiksten! The original length is very long.

I had to use the back yoke from the original blouse in order to have enough fabric for the back of this tank top. I don't mind the look at all though. Check out the bias cut yoke on this puppy!

Unfortunately, the fabric on the original blouse was gathered and then sewn to the yoke so that meant more billowy fabric for the back side of my Wiksten than was originally intended. And it is already an A-line shape, as seen in this photo. I am learning that I am NOT a fan of the flared top look so I will likely remove some flare from all my Wikstens.

No worries, though this meant I had to take in the side seams a decent amount. That messed up the nice hem line shape so it isn't as fluid of a curve but whateverrrrrrrrrrr. Right?

So I'm definitely planning on some more Wiksten tops and also tank dresses cause the belted ones I see on the interwebs are da best!

Also my photographer Ricky did not notice my bra strap hanging out in all these photos so he is fired. He is not sad about that. I need to figure out self timer and tripod ASAP anyways. But I figured out some new photo uploading jazz today so I'm ON MY WAY!

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