Friday, May 29, 2015

SECOND Hollyburn

You guys.......... I'm so in love with my second Hollyburn skirt!

Pattern: Sewaholic Hollyburn, view C (plus ~1" in length for this tall lady)
Fabric:Mustard linen/rayon blend

This skirt is more what I was envisionoing when I made my first Hollyburn in a red twill. As soon as I started working on it, I started to realize I had accidentally chosen a fabric that was a bit heavy for the job. The heavy fabric causes the A-line of the skirt to be more pronounced, while this mustard version has a great drapiness to it. 

Also, the mustard color is a great neutral that I can mix with TONS of clothes. I am confident in this cause I have a mustard colored cardigan that I thought I would never wear but OH WAIT it goes with EVERYTHING EVER!!! I love that sweater.

So that's my new skirt. I wore it today and was SUPER pleased with it. I also made my first attempt at flat felled seams (a way to encapsulate the raw edge of the fabric within the seam to prevent fraying, used in a lot of menswear, especially button down shirts). This was definitely useful practice for future projects, but the first round wasn't very pretty...

I'm on a mustard / gold/ neutral kick right now. Check out this stash:

- Greenish tan gingham sleeveless button up I found at Goodwill
- The mustard linen I used for this skirt
- Ongoing knitting project, the color is "honey"
- Recently completed green t-shirt (my best t-shirt to date!)

I have been wanting to make something out of mustard linen cause I keep seeing it somewhere... Eventually I figured out it was on one of my favorite blogs, Delia Creates, when she conveniently mentioned that her coveted and very stylish looking mustard linen is just the stuff on the shelf at Joann's! Where everything is like $10 a yard and almost always 50% off! 

Also my blouse is my second Colette Patterns Sorbetto tank. I made my first Sorbetto with the center pleat shown in the original pattern but eliminated it in this second seersucker version. I also ended up taking in the top at least a centimeter on both sides. I plan to eliminate a centimeter from the center fold of the pattern so that the shoulders of any future Sorbettos will fall a bit closer to my neck. This whole shirt is too big!

So I wore this outfit all day and it was work apropro (my job is casual) and comfortable for helping my client do all of his daily tasks like shower and dress and whatever. My job involves lots of squatting, bending, lifting. Also, cool in the 85* and muggy weather. 

Obviously took photos at the dog park again. Thanks, Ricky!

All completed Hollyburns seem to be accompanied by a picture of Xuxa running at the camera. :)


  1. Emily, you are inspiring me to take up sewing again - you are so brave and creative, and your models (you and Lucca ;-)) are gorgeous! Now that I've read your blog cover-to-cover, I look forward to seeing all your creations this summer...and making some of my own.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Lisa!! I love your style and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I'm so happy you started making clothes for yourself! They look great! Good job and I can't wait to see your new creations.