Friday, May 29, 2015

Lucca models again

The beautiful Lucca came over the other night so her parents could go out and celebrate (Amber's birthday! Salute Your Shorts reunion!). She's swiftly turning from a baby-like 1-year-old to a toddler-like 1-year-old. She walked around, said the words "baby" and "dog," shook her head no, laughed a lot when I pretended to eat her book and pretended to spit it out and made a "Yuuuuck" face... She's so much fun right now!

Does this look like a legit toddler or WHAT??

Anyways, I wanted to try a couple of EXPERIMENTS on her.....

That cloth romper that I posted the other day needed to be TESTED. It was designed for stretch fabrics but I was thinking it would sew up find in a woven.


Yup. Just fine.

And the back with the cross straps:

Inspiration for this project was from saw one of my favorite sources for baby sewing inspiration, @yo_soy_luna :

Some differences, but overall pretty similar! 

* * * 

Secondly, my weird experiment: An Izzy Top (free pattern) with a harem pants sort of attachment. 

I was inspired by this Wolfechild romper that I also saw on @yo_soy_luna ...  

... and I made my own attempt without a pattern for the bottom part.

Cute or weird? I think the original version with thin straps is the way to go, but more importantly a lighter/thinner fabric with more drape would recreate the original look much better.

I made the polka-dot romper out of a sheet I found at the Goodwill bins when I was preeetttyy new to sewing. That trip was awesome, I found lots of sheets with crazy prints and other large shirts with funky fabric that I am still using in projects to this day. However, I didn't know a lot about fabrics and how the quality of the fabric impacts the garmet and the way it falls etc. So a somewhat stiff, starchy, thick old sheet falls pretty differently than the (what looks like) a nice lightweight cotton, like for a lightweight blouse.

That's all for now. But for good measure, here is a picture of Lucca cracking up last night as I was trying to read her a book and get her to settle down. She was so not having it that I gave in and was silly for a minute (pretending to eat her cardboard Dr. Suess book) and she was busting up!

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