Wednesday, May 6, 2015

First post! So exciting.

I wanted to start this blog to keep track of my ideas and feel like my projects have a beginning, middle, and end. I can keep track of ideas, changes to make to the pattern if I use it again, etc.

Basically the back story is... Ricky bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, I've been obsessed with sewing since. I started with baby shoes, then some little baby clothes because they use so little fabric and I have an adorable niece to sew for. Hurray!  Lately I've been getting really excited about sewing for myself.

I've been working my way through some free patterns to kind of "earn" (in my own mind) the right to purchase patterns that cost $$$. This post will include the 5 T-shirts that I have made for myself so far!!

I recently learned about the concept of a "wearable muslin." A muslin is basically a first draft to test for fit. A wearable muslin is just made out of a cheap material you don't love so that, if it fits, you can finish up and wear it and if it doesn't work, you can chuck it. These are all basically first drafts/wearable muslins!

T-shirt #1: German(?) pattern found on Pinterest 

My first project for me was this funky long-sleeve shirt with a drop shoulder. I found the free pattern link on Pinterest and I FELL IN LOVE. I went to Joann's to pick out fabric and didn't really like any of the options (SURPRISE) but it was my first draft, not my final draft. I can always make another!

The inspiration:

The sleeves are a little short, the bodice is a little long (rare!) and the bodice fit is a little loose in the bust. The ribbing at the neckline and cuffs is a little too stiff to play nice with the other materials but I liked this color combo the best.

The second version will probably be more like the original with charcoal, navy, royal/purpley blue, something like that. Or black. Also considering a stripey sailor version out of a red and white striped French terry that I just got! There will be more of these!!!

T-shirt #2: Maria Denmark  Kimono Tee

My first true T-shirt! I made this while Ricky's parents were visiting, finished it moments before we left for Lucca's first birthday party, and decided to wear it to the party!


This fits more loosely than I would prefer so if I make another, I will use a smaller size in the bust/waist. The neckline is nice, more of a boatneck than most of the T-shirt patterns I see that have scoops! The fabric was $1.50 a yard from Girl Charlee so... that was great. I have it in three colors and I'm currently working on a wearable muslin (THE BEST) in the green version of these triangles!

T-shirt #3:  Skirt as Top  Scoop Top

After making T-shirt #2 out of some funky (but wearable, I think) burgundy triangle print, I decided to buy some cheapish neutral colors for future tees. I bought light gray, gray, and oatmeal (my favorites!!! but so boring!!) and made this T-shirt attempt out of my least favorite.

I love the color, but I could tell the material was going to be a PAIN in the arse cause it is SUPER stretchy and VERY thin. And it's rayon. So it was like lose-lose from the start. All hemming was pain in the arse but I learned a lot and used a double needle for the first time! And it's wrinkly as heck in this picture... Straight out of the dryer. Whoops!

T-shirt #4: Idyllwild Top/Dress from Itch to Stitch 

FULL DISCLOSURE: This pattern wasn't free, it cost exactly $1.

This pattern has a t-shirt or dress length, 2 neckline options, and like 4 sleeve lengths (sleeveless, cap, short, whatever). Obviously I made a T-shirt! It fits kinda boxy so I will make a narrower waist in any future versions. I love this oatmeal fabric. I just finally retired an old oatmeal scoop neck tee, so I think I was subconsciously replacing it.

T-shirt #5: Idyllwild-Scoop Tee FUSION!

This will be an evolving franken-pattern for my ideal t-shirt based on this accumulated knowledge.
Idyllewild t-shirt body with narrowed waist + Scoop Tee neckline + 1" additional length + neck neck binding technique = DIS SHIT. It's... okay!

Somehow the waist doesn't look narrower, the length isn't long enough, and the neck line still puckered but it looks okay on. The fabric is super weird cheap crap that does not get along with irons.

OH MAN. Time to wrap this post up. Jesus christ. T-shirts!

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