Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some baby shoes

Baby shoes!! Baby shoes were kind of my first sewing project. Well, I made Xuxa a fleece jacket first but then she had two so it was time to find a new project. I always thought those little leather baby shoes were so cute and looked easy so I tried some cloth patterns...

This was my first successful pair made of flannel and fleece using this pattern. She wasn't walking much at all so the fleece bottoms (which have noooo grip at all) were okay for a bit.

And I tried out this "Kimono shoe" but I never got it quite right. These were tiny so I gave these to a friend to give to a friend with a new baybay....

Then I tried out some little mary janes with elastic! Adorable! Loooooove this picture. (Lucca's also wearing my first successful pair of harem pants!! I love the turquoise & off-white color combo!)

But the elastic was too stretchy and they fell off Lucca's feet since she is always crawling and rolling around the floor. Replaced the elastic with sturdier leather velcro straps. I LOVE how these turned out. 

Love love love. So adorable. Like little orthopedic baby shoes, but cuter. Here is Lucca  hanging out under my desk. She likes it under there. She can even see out the window if she stands up. Haha it's so cute.

Turned the cloth shoe pattern into moccasins by using leather, removing some seam allowances from the cloth version, and adding fringe pieces. This tutorial helped me turn the original cloth pattern into a fringed leather version.

Very exciting! But the blue leather was really white leather with blue dye on top, so the visible white underside makes them look pretty unfinished and cheap.

My crowning glory of moccasins: this gray pair. These are kind of Lucca's first real pair of shoes! Like meaning that she wears them all the damn time and Amber said she presses them to her foot like she knows they're supposed to go on there. And they are stupid cute. 

I tried to make a second, slightly larger pair for her but they need some tweaking. Looking forward to them. They are magenta! Coming soon.

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