Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My first Hollyburn

I made myself a skirt!! This is the Hollyburn pattern from Sewaholic. Many of my favorite sewing bloggers sing its praises and I was really digging this vision of myself rocking the high waisted skirt all summer  so I took the plunge!

This skirt has three lengths (below the knee, at the knee, and shortish). I figured the knee length would hit me above the knee since it was designed for someone who is 5' 4" and I'm 5' 11". I figured wrong and had to lob off 3 inches to get the length I wanted!

What do you think? I like. Xuxa's like, whatever.

I made the t-shirt in these photos, too. I made another from a royal blue and white version of this fabric. These two shirts were my first attempt at stripe-matching and I didn't suck at it! Go me! I made this with my evolving t-shirt pattern. It's getting closer to perfect.

So far, I've mostly made myself t-shirts and a couple of tank top blouse thangs... All of which will go with high waisted skirts!

I actually paid for this skirt pattern (crazyyy) and it was my first paper pattern, not a PDF I printed out.  Now I'm kind of hooked, especially for any garment that is larger than a T-shirt. If it's only a couple dollars more for a paper pattern, it's worth it. It's not fun spending valuable sewing time doing PDF pattern assembly.

I picked out a red cotton twill fabric at Joann's that was probably meant more for pants than a skirt.... It's pretty stiff!  Oh well.

I already purchased some mustard colored linen for round 2. I picked up a zipper for that puppy this afternoon so I'm ready to roll!

After twill (stiff) and linen (wrinkly), I'm going to try something.... nice and drapey and not crazy wrinkly. Then I will have a trifecta of skirts. I'm thinking blue to round out my primary colors.

This was also the first time I've put a zipper into clothing. We don't need any close ups of that nonsense, trust me...

This skirt has pockets! This was my first time putting pockets into anything (except a decorative one on a baby skirt...). My (ancient, crappy, tiny) cell phone was in the front pocket the whole time and you can't even tell! POCKETS!!

They're functional, but I didn't get any good photos of them.

These photos were all taken at the dog park. Check out this dog on the prowl!

Washed out smiley picture.... Why not.

Also, I got to deliver these baby dresses to the baby-to-be's baby's daddy. Dean gave me two pairs of cowboy boots as a thank you for some baby pants I made him, which was super generous. I felt he deserved more than that one pair of baby pants for such a generous gift. I've wanted cowboy boots for aaaaages and... TWO PAIRS?!  Seriously. Deserves two dresses at least. And I got to try out some free newborn sized patterns from Made By Rae.

Pink horse print Itty Bitty Baby Dress... I enlarged the bodice slightly since newborn clothes fit babies for like 2 hours, from my understanding...?

And this awesome Geranium Dress in corduroy & vintage looking floral print. This is a super popular pattern and she offers the newborn size for free to get you hooked. I gotta say, it is tempting. Everyone loves this dress and it came out great. The little pockets make the dress. Alas, I am only interested in paying for patterns for myself. Bua ha ha.

So many things to sew...

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  1. Emily, your stuff is lookin' awesome! I'm impressed with your proliferation! You are definitely inspiring me to get back out in the workshop and get some more projects going!!