Monday, May 11, 2015

Lucca's new duds

A few weeks ago, Amber and I ordered a bunch of fabric from Girl Charlee. They have a lot of fun and kid-friendly prints (which appeals to Amber), as well as a decent amount of stripey fabric and other nonsense (which appeals to me). My purchases are mentioned in the previous post about destashing my fabric collection.

In this post, I want to show what I have done with Lucca's new fabrics so far! The fabrics arrived Wednesday afternoon and I think I washed them that night. Amber, Aaron, and  Lucca came over Sunday afternoon (Mother's Day) and I had made 3 new items from the fabric already. I was pleased with the turnaround time! I had a few previous makes sitting around for Lucca, and I'm including those too!

Amber picked out these 4 fabrics:
1. Super soft yellow and gray with birds on a wire print
2. Finely striped turquoise and brown jersey
3. Deeeeeeply discounted triangle print ($1.50 a YARD??!), burgundy on a milky coffee color. I previously purcahsed 2 yards of each of the three color combos of this print (burgundy, green, blue)...
4. White-on-gray triangle print

I was very pleased with this bird print dress! We did hem it to knee length, don't worry. 

I used a new-to-me and free racer back dress pattern.

Blue and brown stripes became this awesome shorty romper from Brindille & Twig patterns!

Back side-- cross over straps, so cute.

I made a skirt out of the triangle print. I even made Lucca's normal size. Yet, it was huge! Big enough to use the rollover waistband as a dress!

Go figure! So we just rolled with that... Cause it was so damn cute....

And added a little elastic neck band! It's a single piece of elastic sewed to the front on both sides, so it just slips over her head like a 1950s bombshell swimsuit would. 

Check out this move:

Here are the new magenta moccasins! They needed some editing but they seem to fit now, with room to grow. I'm excited about the color. These photos don't show the mocs very well but.... meh.

This was obviously not made with the new fabrics. I found this women's blouse with busted elbows in a free pile and liked the print and the embroidery. I sewed elastic into the top and turned the waist tie into some shoulder straps and... voila!! Insta-dress in Lucca's size.

This striped dress was made out of a men's polo shirt that I found in a free box. I love sea foam and I love stripes so I almost made it into a tank top for myself. I decided to try a Lucca sized dress with contrasting stripes. Sadly, it was not Lucca sized. It is huge! I think I can take it in in a few places and it will work.

Lastly, this cute mother's day photo. I made this cute deer print romper from a previous fabric order from Girl Charlee. Yet again, the romper pattern is from Brindille & Twig. Amber digs the rompers and gosh darn it, that company makes really cute and easy patterns. We bought each of the romper patterns right when they each came out and got discounted promotional prices both times! We're pretty cool.